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Amanda Austin 

"Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure,

you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure"




If for any reason, you are unable to hold a funeral, or close members of the family were unable to attend the original funeral, you may wish to have a memorial service.  This can be held at any time and in a venue of your choosing, for instance, a village hall, a local hotel or even on the beach.  Working closely with you, we can include as much or as little detail as you like and make it as unique and as special as the person was themselves.


It will be a true reflection and celebration of your loved one's life, by incorporating key items from a hobby or passion that they held and gather memorable items, which can be put on display or maybe you would like to create a 'memory board', where family and friends can bring their own photos and pin them up, or have a 'memory book' where guests can add their own messages of love.  These can then be kept within the family and become treasured memories for generations to come.  


To make it even more special, you could ask people to write a poem or song that they can perform, paint a picture or read a passage of writing from a favourite author instead, anything that will bring joy and laughter and fond memories of your loved one.  You may even wish to record the service and you could enlist the help of a loved one who is in attendance to do this themselves.  The options are endless, so be as imaginative as you like and together, we can create a service that reflects the unique character and personality of the deceased.





These can be held almost anywhere and at any time, there really are no restrictions other than gaining permission if you would like them buried or scattered on 'private land'.  They can go into the 'remembrance garden' at a crematorium or into a family burial plot located somewhere else.


You may ask for the ashes to be returned to you and  keep them in a beautiful urn at home or you may like to consider some of these ideas, burying ashes in the garden and planting a rose bush or tree which you can see grow and bloom each year, scattering the ashes at a memorable location that the deceased loved to visit, or digging a trench in the sand and filling it with the ashes, so that when the tide comes in, they will be swept out to sea or even scatter them from a boat into the open sea itself.  There are even specialised companies that can make the ashes into jewellery, which you can keep close forever more.  I have lots of lovely ideas, which we can explore in more detail when we meet up.


Which ever choice you make, I can create and deliver a bespoke and meaningful tribute which will reflect the life and memories of your loved one, as they come to their final resting place. 


"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"


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