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Amanda Austin 

"What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose,

for all that we love deeply becomes part of us"



Death unites us like no other milestone can.  A funeral is a time when family, friends and colleagues, come together to say 'goodbye' to the person they loved and knew as well as to pay their respects.  It is the opportunity to share, reflect on and celebrate the life of the deceased.



Whether your family is religious, semi-religious, new-age or spiritual, I specialise in all types of funeral and remembrance services, so I can ensure, you have exactly the type of service you want.  Together, we can discuss all the various options available and you may choose to have an element of religion, such as a prayer, hymn or blessing or perhaps you would like a more relaxed and individually designed 'send-off', that truly reflects the personality and values of your loved one and have a ceremony that is more a 'celebration of life'.  Whichever you decide, my aim is to give your loved one the 'farewell' they deserve, in a meaningful and memorable way.


Firstly, I will visit you at home or at a place of your choosing, where we will take our first steps on this journey together.  We will spend time sharing your memories and stories and probably a tear or two. After capturing the essence of your loved one, I will then go away and prepare a beautiful and bespoke eulogy, which I hope not only reflects their unique and special character but honours their values and beliefs too.  The eulogy is often considered the most important part of the service and a great eulogy will prompt laughter as well as tears, as we all want to remember the good times, even in these saddest of moments.


Family and friends are encouraged to contribute in a way that is significant to them and I am whole heartedly happy to include any tributes, readings or poems that they may wish to share.  They may like to deliver these personally, but I will always be there for support, if it should become too difficult.


Music is such an important element of the ceremony, as the lyrics of a special song can uplift the mourners and say something special about the person they knew.  There are a vast range of resources available from which you can make appropriate choices, whether this is in relation to the music, hymns/songs, prayers or poetry,  my guidance will be available to you throughout.   You may decide to follow a 'theme' which reflects a hobby or passion that your loved one once held, it is entirely your choice and your opportunity to create the farewell, that your loved one truly deserves.


Prior to the service, a copy of the ceremony will be forwarded to you for any amendments and final approval, this is normally sent by e-mail but alternative arrangements can be made if required.

Throughout the whole process, I will liaise closely with your chosen Funeral Director on all the finer details regarding timings and music for the Order of Service sheets and on the day itself, I will personally conduct the ceremony for you, your family and guests.







"Grief is a pain so deep, that it can't be spoken"


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